The story of unperfect girl ;)

The story of unperfect girl ;)
Lets read my story.....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello December.Be Mine,♥

Hello December! Welcome:) What am I going to talk about today is right about the month of December! This month is the last month in the year 2010. So I want to do many activities in the last month of the year to be memorable! The most beautiful memories that I want are with my family .. So i hope my parents will bring us somewhere else:) I also like spending time with my friends, especially those close to me. This Saturday we will spend some time together to watch a movie! Im so happy dudeee! Because some of my friends are moving school and I know its hard for us to be together again ;) I also like spending time with my boyfriend:) I really miss him. We try to spend time together for our relationship more beautiful as always. December is a month that is to bring cheer. What I hope this month is the happiness and joy together. If we extended the age, maybe we'll meet again in 2011. Sorry if this post bored.

Nana Boyott ;)

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