The story of unperfect girl ;)

The story of unperfect girl ;)
Lets read my story.....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey! Dont judge me,dude ;)

Okay. This is just a short post:) I just say that I live my own way. You do not have to teach me how to live! I am comfortable with myself. I do not have to pretend to be someone else just because you want the satisfaction;) Yes, I am a stubborn and always want freedom. I am a normal teenager like any other. Who always wanted freedom right? Hohoho:) For me, what I do, I know good and evil. I am not a child. But I'm very appreciative of your comment. Not everyone is perfect in this world. What I want to say right, if you do not know me closely, please do not judge me by what you see. Because what you said was wrong, it will offend someone. Trust me. Starting from now, I may be more telling about myself in this blog. So that people can understand me:) It is also to avoid the misunderstanding of others against me. I live with my way is so comfortable even though many do not like me .. Whatever it is, I tried to turn right and give me time to go through all this. Thank you. Please take this post seriously.

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