The story of unperfect girl ;)

The story of unperfect girl ;)
Lets read my story.....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Im kinda boring now :|

Let us talk about the ENEMY:) For me there are enemies everywhere. The enemy is not about anyone. Sometimes the enemies can become friends of our own. Friends can become enemies. I have many enemies. Perhaps many people out there who hate me, but I'm sure people will hate more hated by other people;) get it? If you are reading this are my enemy, I just wanted to say, if you do not like me, you can get out of my blog:) I just need people who really want to see my blog.
If any of my friends hate me, I apologize. Maybe you hate me because my attitude is not 'beautiful' as your attitude:) But, what I know, the world would not have deserted by the hostilities. I admit I also like others hate someone who is easy and readily forgive;) Everyone always make mistakes. We are often wrong decision. People who hate us, we often become friends. Everyone can not run away from mistakes. What I would like to state, I apologize very much if I have offended you ..

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